AP Tests, Prom, and More

This week has been one of the most exciting yet stressful one out of the school year. AP tests were this week and let’s just say 3 hour tests aren’t my favorites. Now that the two tests are done, I feel like I finally have a life again. It is so nice to say I […]

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Summer 2k17

The past few weeks have been super busy that I don’t think I have had the time to do anything exciting. With AP tests coming up soon, most of my time has gone to studying.When I am not studying then I am either trying to catch up on sleep or working. The stress is piling […]

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Too Fab For You

This week I didn’t do much besides work and do homework so I decided to do this week’s post on my best friend Fabs. He has been mentioned before on one of my previous posts but I have decided to tell you more about this crazy gal. Fabs and I met in the first grade […]

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New Puppy?

One of the best things happened to me this week, I got a new puppy!! I already have two dogs but we have been wanting a new dog for the past three years now.  My friend Angel’s dad drove up to Oregon to pick up 3 white Siberian Huskies. Angel posted on snapchat this weekend […]

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