Car Crashes and Cupcakes In Old Town Pasadena

This past weekend it was my grandpa’s birthday so we drove down to LA to celebrate with him but I never went to his party. Instead I was in Old Town Pasadena witnessing car crashes firsthand, eating cupcakes, and getting my nails done.

I am the only teenager in my family so going over to my grandpa’s birthday party would have been nice but let’s be honest, what 16-year-old wants to be around 50+ year old people who always love to criticize them for everything they do. I was not in the spirit to be biting my tongue the whole day so I told Gloria (my mom) to drop me off at my cousin’s nail salon in Old Town Pasadena.


Jessica and Daisy are my cousins and owners of Iluminar Nail Spa. They are the girl cousins closest to my age so I spent a lot of time with them growing up that I consider them sisters.  It was my second time at the salon so I had met a few of the nail techs but the one that I actually got to know better was Tze since she did my nails the last time.  This time I told her to surprise me with something Valentine’s Day themed including some birds.

The nails turned out to be fantastic and so detailed since Tze is so talented. However, the moment I saw my nails it reminded me of my ex-boyfriend since he loves birds. Not only that but all the hearts reminded me that I was just going to end up alone eating pizza on Valentine’s Day.

pretty little Tze
Love birds

After I got my nails done, my cousins and I went to go eat at the Cheesecake Factory down the street. I was already eating my Fettuccine Alfredo when all of a sudden I saw my cousin jump out of her seat. In my head I was thinking “What is this girl doing?”  Then I heard a big boom and the sound of glass shattering.  Straight ahead of me was this car that was stuck after it had crashed into the window. Surprisingly, no one was hurt but the whole restaurant got up to see what had happened. People could have died yet there were people taking selfie’s with the shattered window with the driver of the car still in the background. I got an image of the window from where we were sitting. Poor Cheesecake Factory, they’ve had it rough since just earlier that week someone threw a fake explosive into their building.


I love the different groups of people you come across in this part of town. I saw women celebrating their bachelorette parties, people walking their dogs, or Bretman Rock lookalikes at Sephora.

To end the day, we went to the cupcake shop and we got cupcakes. Overall, I had an amazing day. I would definitely recommend going to Old Town Pasadena but beware of crazy drivers that could potentially crash into your restaurant window. What are some unique places you’ve been to?



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Beautiful nails! Witnessing the car crash would have been so scary :s


  2. I love your nails Gabby! I should go to that nail salon one day! and i hope your okay from the crash you saw


  3. loveplaywear says:

    I love your nails and am glad you didn’t get hurt 🙂


  4. Cute pictures Gabby :))


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