My family and I used to travel a lot more when I was younger due to several reasons . One reason is that my dad actually saved his money instead of spending it on t-shirts that are too tight for him. Two is that my brother’s weren’t 18 yet so they still had to follow my parent’s rules. Lastly, my family wasn’t as chaotic as it is now. However, starting up from the point of my 7th grade year until now, my mom has planned more trips for us. The most recent one we took was during last year’s spring break. We went to the island of Kauai for about a week.

Na Pali Coast

First of all, I must say that my family is crazy like many other families. We could be miles away from home yet we could still find thousands of reasons to argue about with each other. Yes Kauai, Yay! Shaka! Oh my, the plane ride there made me want to Shaka my way back home.

Anni Beach

But you know what, I decided to be a good sport and smile whenever my mom looked at me. I mean why would I continue to be a moody person when I was going to lay in the sand all week and catch up on sleep. Not only that but I love the beach so what other place would be more perfect?

As soon as we arrived in Kauai, the warm weather slashed my legs and it was the definition of heaven. California’s drought has had me used to the dry terrain but the island’s green plants were a magnificent sight to see. The chickens roaming around was one of my favorite parts. I could have been sitting at a restaurant and you would be able to have seen the chickens crossing the road.

Most of our days we went hiking to waterfalls, kayaking, visiting popular tourist attractions, or simply just relaxing at the beach.

Somewhere on a boat in the middle of nowhere

On the last day, we took a boat out to the Na Pali Coast and we stayed out until sunset. I felt like a burnt potato at the end of the day since I was literally out in the sun for 7 hours but the view was amazing.


My experience in Kauai overall was incredible. Despite me falling and twisting my ankle on one of the hikes, I would give this trip a solid 11 out of 10.

The Spouting Horn

One piece of advice if you ever go to Kauai, be mindful of the little chickens. What are some of your recent trips?



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