5 Second Zoo Visits and Ocean Views With Fabs

I didn’t get much sleep this weekend considering that I had to be at school at 6am to catch the bus for my 10 hour-long track meet at Thousand Oaks High School. I waited several hours until my event was up so that I could finally compete then go home. Not only that but with winter formal being the same day, the pressure to finish and get home to get ready was horrible. Thankfully my parents drove up to see me compete which meant that afterwards they would be able to take me home. My event is the 800m (2 laps) and surprisingly I got 3rd place out of 20 girls.


After the long wait, I was finally going home to get ready for the dance. The dance wasn’t one of the best experiences for me but that was fine since Fabs made it up to me the next day.


On Sunday morning around 7am I got a call from my best friend Fabs asking if  I wanted to meet up at Starbucks to work on “homework”. If you have ever met Fabian, one will know that completing serious tasks are never possible. We sat at Starbucks for about 3 hours just talking about what has been happening among our friends. Then all of a sudden Fabs said “Let’s go to the zoo.”  We took the trolley all the way to the zoo.

quick stop at the pier

Since we are volunteers there we just told one of the ladies at the front that we made an appointment with the one of the volunteer coordinators. However between me and you, we didn’t have an appointment we just wanted to walk around, so we basically got in for free.

“Me walking into school. Full of snakes.”  -Fabian

Fabian and I walked into the EWW! exhibit since he wanted to get a picture of the snake. According to Fabs, facing the snake was like facing his ex.

“Visual Representation of My Ex”-Fabs

His wacky sense of humor definitely made me laugh a ton that I had to control myself before any accidents occurred.

It was a slow yet interesting adventure with Fabs but when you’re with someone as loud and humorous as him, everything is 10x better. Who is your adventure buddy? OR should I say, who is the crazy Fabian in your life?



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