Defining Her Girl Power

In honor of International Women’s Day this past Wednesday, I decided to write about the most influential gal I know. I know it sounds a bit cheesy but my mother is that person for me.

Gloria, referred to as Glo, is this little ball of sunshine that never fails to put on a good face for everyone despite her true emotions. She has this smile that makes you want to give her a big hug and throw her up in the air as if she was a baby.

From being a single mom for the past 7 years to being the best personal Uber driver since day 1, she has always managed to be a fun, exciting little woman.

After seeing all the International Women’s Day posts on our Instagram’s news feed, I asked her opinion on women’s role on this planet.

Knowing her I knew she was going to come up with a sassy, yet powerful response. And I was right.

“As God was creating this earth, every object he created began to become more complex and beautiful. God created us (women) last which means we are the most beautiful and complex,” she said.

Of course, the groaning and bickering from my brothers arose as they heard her say this.

But as most women will say to defend their position of authority, Glo responded with ” I am important in this family because I decided to follow through with carrying all of you (my brother and I) inside my uterus for 9 months and I still love you after all the weight you made me gain.”

Women aren’t only valuable for their ability to bring life to this world, but their kind and complex souls make them some of the most precious gems on this planet.

My mom has faced the struggles of growing up as most woman do. She has faced the menstrual cycles, the insecurity of not replicating society’s idea of beautiful, the struggle of wanting to fit into size 0 pants and so much more. All these phases are normal and it is something Mother Teresa would describe as a “beautiful struggle”.

I asked my mom for her final words about her definition of girl power.

She left off with “Loving yourself is a process but it is a process one most work on because self-love and self-respect are the most beautiful and strongest things a girl can have.”

What is your definition of girl power?




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