National Puppy Day Everyday

National Puppy Day was yesterday and I must say that day should be declared a national holiday because who doesn’t want to take the day off to celebrate the cutest little creatures on this planet??

Ever since I was old enough to recognize what a dog was, I’ve been obsessed over them. How could you not resist those fury, little bundles of joy?

I literally take a picture of every dog or animal I see. Sometimes if I can’t get a good angle of the dog, I have no shame in asking the owner if I could take a picture.

I have two dogs of my own. They’re both Bichon/Maltese. One looks more like a Bichon while the other one looks more like a Maltese. Muffy is 10 years old and BooBoo is 7. They’ve got some good years to them but they’re still active little ones.

This is my friend Edwin’s 9month old puppy named Myla. She’s the smallest thing ever and she’s so cute. She’s super friendly and she loves going on walks.

I saw this dog while I was downtown and its owner said it was about 5 months old. As you can see it’s super small in comparison to the owner’s hands.

This is Meeks, this is my friend Talia’s dog. She’s one of the sweetest labs I’ve ever met. She’s gotten so big since the last time I’ve seen her.

Then this is Toby, my friend Angel’s dog. Toby is super friendly and a little feisty. Whenever I see Angel, he’s always with his dog. Toby is about a year old and he loves to go on hikes.

I know it’s National Puppy Day, but aren’t all dogs puppies at heart?

Dogs are so sweet and loving. There’s not much that can compare to waking up to dog’s slobbery kisses. It’s crazy to see how animals can hold so much emotion. When their human is sad and crying, the feel it too. My dogs will come up to me and jump all over me whenever I am sad. Sometimes they will even bring me socks to try to cheer me up. I feel like dogs should be celebrated everyday and not just one day. For all those dog owners out there, make sure your dog feels appreciated and give them extra treats. Do you have a dog? If so, comment below!





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