Volunteering at ASAP Cats

Sometimes you just have to expand your horizons and experience a whole new side of things. Growing up with only having dogs has made me into that enthusiastic dog lover I am today. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a vet and lately I have been thinking of what I can do to introduce myself to things related to my interests. If I stick to my plan of a vet being my future career, then I should do something to prepare myself and to learn more about animals. I decided to shift my usual dog interactions to cats by volunteering at the ASAP Cat shelter. I have already attended the volunteer training and orientations and I am currently looking forward to starting my first volunteer shift this upcoming Thursday.

This shelter in particular takes in cats and saves them from the risk of being euthanized. They provide a safe and happy environment for the cats until they adopted by a loving family. This shelter is run by few actual staff members and the rest of the people you will see are volunteers. They greatly rely on the help of volunteers to help keep the shelter running.

After attending the training, I noticed that they are very organized and they pay great attention to all the cats by including different forms of entertainment to keep the cats active. They have outdoor runways that the cats are allowed to spend time in. They also have some cats put together as a bonded pair meaning that they ensure that future adoptive parents are aware that it is best for those cats to be adopted together due to their special bond.

The staff are very helpful and kind and they all welcome you with sweet smiles.

My first day was probably one of the best days I have had in awhile. I witnessed a lot from a cat being adopted, a dog/cat test, and two cats were brought in that were found in a box. It was amazing to see how quickly the staff jumped on everything. My shift manager is most likely the sweetest persons I have ever met and I am definitely looking forward for next time. Do you own a cat or are you interested in volunteering? Comment if you have any questions



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