New Puppy?

One of the best things happened to me this week, I got a new puppy!! I already have two dogs but we have been wanting a new dog for the past three years now.  My friend Angel’s dad drove up to Oregon to pick up 3 white Siberian Huskies. Angel posted on snapchat this weekend saying

he was selling these puppies. I immediately said yes and I was one of the first to show interest. He sold two by Monday and he only had one left.


This girl that goes to my school also wanted the puppy and she was already acting as if it was going to be hers, however she hadn’t even asked her parents or Angel for the price he was selling it for. It was just annoying because we had to wait for her response before we would have been able to buy the puppy. After many many hours, this girl finally didn’t say anything so Angel told me the dog was mine. After we paid of course!


This little puppy is one of the most precious little fur balls I have seen. Huskies take a lot of work to raise but I am looking forward to having a dog that is up for adventures. No offense to my other dogs, but they aren’t too adventurous. After raising two dogs, my mom has made it clear she is not going to be involved as much in raising this little guy. Basically, this dog is going to be my “son”. Let’s see if I will be able to deal with my new child.


We haven’t decided on a name but I am hoping my family is okay with my name preferences. I was thinking may Juno or Fred. I don’t know, some name that is a little weird and “Uh Okay..” is what I am going for. I don’t want my dog’s name to be Prince or King or anything like that.

I feel a little bad most of my attention will be going to raise this puppy and I know my other dogs may feel a little jelly. Well what can I say? That’s life. What are your tips for raising a puppy? Do you have any pets of your own?



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