Reasons Why I Hate the Fair

I  had nothing to do this week so after work my friends and I headed to the fair that was going on that weekend. I got there and I noticed the tickets were overpriced for just the entrance and the wrist bands. It didn’t make sense to me but I mean I still bought it.

Whenever I go to the fair, I visit the animals first. I love seeing animals of all kinds. I just dont’t like seeing the conditions the animals are in while they are at the fair. They look so hopeless. Maybe I don’t have a full list of why I hate the fare but I just hate seeing the animals in such small enclosures. I wouldn’t want to bring my animals to the county fair.

The poor pigs may be the bacon on your table months from now. Im a vegetarian so may that’s why I have such a hard time seeing animals that don’t look like they are properly treated. May god be with these animals. There’s legit 5 rides at the fair and the lines are so long. In my opinion, they seem so sketchy since they are built under 3 days. The rides at six flags take more than a year to build sometimes.

But anyway, I can die walking to school so why not just throw myself onto a ride right?

It is always a nice time being with your friends anyway so I had a great time. The churros are my favorite part of any fair. Those are a must. I can literally eat 10 in one sitting. I just still can’t forget about the animals. The little chicks. The bunnies. AAGGHH I love animals so much. I feel like I am going to end up being a crazy cat/animal lady once I am older. But what can I say? Animals are better than humans.Depends on the human too. It was a good 40 bucks wasted that day but it was worth it since I finally got out of the house for the first time in 234930 years. AP preparation has been killing me and it’s like the pressure is going to eat me alive. Do you like your local fairs?



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