AP Tests, Prom, and More

This week has been one of the most exciting yet stressful one out of the school year. AP tests were this week and let’s just say 3 hour tests aren’t my favorites. Now that the two tests are done, I feel like I finally have a life again. It is so nice to say I don’t have any bio or history homework. Then I am going to prom with some of my close friends I am still super excited and I am looking forward to prom since it isn’t every year as an underclassmen that I get asked to prom.Getting my dress was a little hectic, I got asked last minute so I had to go looking for one after the AP World Final this last Saturday. I always go for casual things so I grabbed the first dress I saw that didn’t look like a disco ball. We thought it was going to take hours to find one but it only took 25 minutes. I don’t know, I dress super feminine but in reality I could care less about the makeup and hair.

After prom, I am going to catch up on the sleep I have missed all this school year. I could probably spend a whole month sleeping and that still wouldn’t be enough.

Anyway a high light of my week was studying with some of my good friends, Joselyn, Jacky, and Jana. We met up at SBCC after school on Wednesday and I had so much fun. We tried studying but it is hard when you’re just so done with AP World.   Spending time with my friends made me realize that life is a combination of all the little things. Being there with my friends made me happy and it was nice to have somewhat of a break from all the stress. I am just feeling more happy. I feel like jumping out of bed everyday at 5am to go on a run or something. Maybe I am just so happy the tests are over but either way I am happy. Did you have testing this week? What are your summer plans?




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