Afternoon Jogs to the Beach

Now that I have more time to do more activities of my choice, I decided to go on a jog to the beach this past Wednesday. It takes about 35 minutes to get to the beach from my house but it is worth it.

On my way to the beach, I found two dogs wandering on the street so I stopped to check if they had a tag so I could call their own. Luckily the owner came out of a house nearby and explained that the dogs often got out of the house. I was glad the dogs were safe.

Anyway, the way to the beach from my house has several ways you can go. I decided to go up the Carrillo hill but that hill is the legit definition of hell. Running up that hill made me want to give up on trying to stay fit. Krispy Kreme donuts that my brother brought home sounded way better than my calves cramping up. But someone I managed to make it to the beach. I ran down Shoreline and admired the view and the dogs walking.

I ran past the pier and out to the East Beach Volley Ball Courts. Running along the beach reminded me of summer and how close it is. Less than 20 days and my second year of high school will one for the books. I am just super extra and emotional so I was feeling extra special about being able to live in such a beautiful town and attend a beautiful school. It was a rough year but I managed to get through most of it. I learned a lot whether it was during school or at work. I feel like I have grown a lot and it’s a little scary ¬†because adulthood is just around the corner. Pretty soon I will be living on my own with no mom to yell at me 24/7 but I am sure I will miss that. I am going to miss everything about this awkward time of my life. Well those are my crazy, emotional reflections. My friends always like to tell me “Last name extra, first name super;Super Extra.”

What are your thoughts about the school year ending?


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