Final Blog Post of the School Year

The end of the school year is less than two weeks away and that means this is the last assigned blog post. This school year was super stressful and hectic but I wouldn’t have been able to get through it without the help of some of my classmates.

This post is dedicated to Jacky, Laura, Jennifer, and Lizbeth. I wouldn’t have been able to survive the year without them. They all welcomed me into the academy with open arms. They helped me with assignments or just simply helped me relax during stressful situations.

I didn’t make much friends this year but these were the girls that always asked me how I was doing or brought me a treat every now and then. We all created a bond that I think will last even after we go our own ways. All of these girls are the sweetest human beings on the planet. They are always so helpful and positive.

Laura is the cutest person ever with the softest voice. She reminds me of a bright blue day with birds and ducks swimming in a pond. Does that make sense? Overall she is just very peaceful. OHHH and she makes the best cupcakes ever.IMG_4588

Jacky is one of the most hard-working persons I know. Her laugh and smile are contagious. She always is making people laugh. Her family and friends are just as kind as her. She is super involved in school whether it is sports or AHA or something else, she is always busy.


Lizbeth is always so thoughtful and she definitely is a great listener.IMG_4642 God bless her beautiful soul because she is truly one of a kind. She is always sending positive reminders in our group chats. I have always admired her work and effort.


Jennifer’s sense of style/taste on things is the best. Her love for boba is something I wish I had. She is always sharing her adventures with her friend Jasmine and it’s always exciting to hear what new boba flavor or restaurant she goes to.

The 4 of these girls have impacted me greatly. They all possess traits I wish I had. I have never met a better group of girls than them. More than 87% of the time I am brutally honest so I am not exaggerating when I say they are the best.


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