I like to pose by plants and attempt to look cute and nice when I'm really not.
I like to pose by plants and attempt to look cute and nice when I’m really not.

I am Gabriella Manzo (you can call me Gabba or Gabby) and I am probably the biggest dog enthusiast you will ever meet. I am currently a 5’0 sophomore at Santa Barbara High School trying to survive high school. I love to sleep and eat carrots. I am a little weird and random. Some find me annoying. But some people find me enjoyable 80% of the time since I am like a little teddy bear that is always trying to show acts of love to my mom,dad, a few other humans, but most importantly dogs. My blog is meant to connect with others and inspire people to go out and create new moments that can become memorable.

When I am not eating or sleeping all day, I am either out with my dogs or I go on  mini adventures with my best friends. If you have any suggestions about what to do for fun,  I would love to hear about it since I literally do nothing at all. I think it is time to finally begin a new lifestyle where I actually go out.

Here’s a picture my mom took of me and my dog before she dropped her camera in the pool.

BooBoo likes to nap with me on a daily basis. When we aren’t sleeping, we go to the mission to have some yogurt and play a little game of fetch.